Burger Stall

You will be surprised by the numbers of burger stalls that you can find while walking down the streets. All these tiny and compact burger stalls are the superior choice for mobile caterers. Do you know why? Because this burger stall is movable and portable, enable burger operators to move around to a lot of different business areas.

The burger stalls that we provided at Hui Dat Trading, feature the versatility and durability at an affordable price. Another big plus is that our high quality stainless steel is treated with protective coating so as to prevent rust as well as corrosion. Also, Hui Dat Trading is pleased to offer multiple sizes and styles of stainless steel burger stalls, where mobile caterers can enjoy the increased productivity as well as great efficiency. From ready-made to custom built, Hui Dat Trading will greatly offer you the best. So with our products, burger operators can easily set up their business at markets, roadsides or food festivals. For the reasons of quality, cost and maneuverability, burger operators should always look for reliable stainless steel stall supplier, like us! As a reputable supplier, we continually strive to provide the best stainless steel stall for all your business needs.